AACTE PEDS Data Request

How to Request Data

  • Anyone requesting PEDS data should complete the online request form, whether they are from AACTE staff, member institutions, partner organizations, or the general public.
  • Requests will be automatically directed to the PEDS e-mail inbox for processing by staff.
  • Submitters will receive an automatic copy of their request.

How AACTE Responds to Requests

  • PEDS staff will determine whether the requested data are already available (from PEDSinfo reports, existing Excel tables, and/or AACTE’s online tools) or if new runs are needed to fulfill the request. New reports must be approved by AACTE’s department head.
  • A menu of already-analyzed and/or published data will be available to members at no cost, and to nonmembers for a nominal fee.
  • If the requested data can be obtained using AACTE’s online reporting tool, staff will guide members in creating their own report.
  • If a new data run is approved that cannot be produced using AACTE’s online reporting tool, that requires additional analysis, or that is requested by a nonmember, AACTE will provide a price quote based on staff time needed to process the data.

Fees for PEDS Data

For already-published reports:

  • AACTE Members: Free
  • Nonmembers: $10 per one-year compilation of reports

For additional requests, a price quote will be provided on an individual basis, based on the amount of work required by the PEDS Manager.

  • Members pay the PEDS Manager’s hourly rate.
  • Nonmembers pay 1.5 times the PEDS Manager’s hourly rate.

Data will be provided free of charge to the media and policy makers (e.g., U.S. Department of Education, congressional staff).

Contact Yupin Bae at ybae@aacte.org.

Before submitting the form, check if the data you need is already available for download as part of our previously published PEDSInfo reports

Check our PEDS Custom Reports tool. Visit http://peds.aacte.org

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