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AACTE Selects Guide for Preparing ELL Teachers for 2013 Outstanding Book Award

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(February 18, 2013, Washington, D.C.) – The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) will present its 2013 Outstanding Book Award to editors Joyce Nutta, Ph.D., Kouider Mokhtari, Ph.D., and Carine Strebel, Ph.D., for Preparing Every Teacher to Reach English Learners: A Practical Guide for Teacher Educators. The award recognizes exemplary books that make a significant contribution to the knowledge base of educator preparation or of teaching and learning with implications for educator preparation. It will be presented March 2 at AACTE's 65th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

The award's reviewers, the AACTE Committee on Research and Dissemination, noted that the book makes a compelling argument for guiding teacher preparation programs to address more fully language and language processes; introduce instructional accommodations for linguistically diverse learners; and focus on academic language as it applies in each content area.

The Committee felt that the book, published by Harvard Education Press in 2012, reinforces the profession's sense of urgency to prepare teachers who have the knowledge, commitments and practices to meet the needs of English language learners in their classroom. The volume provides a useful framework and programmatic model to guide conversations among teacher educators about how to redesign and reimagine courses and clinical experiences. The Committee believes it will inspire engaging and productive conversations among faculty in programs and across institutions to address this essential topic within their programs.

"With the increasing number of English learners enrolled in schools throughout the US, teacher educators are striving to prepare all candidates to reach linguistically and culturally diverse students," said Sandra Robinson, Ph.D., dean of the University of Central Florida College of Education, where Dr. Nutta works. "The University of Central Florida is proud of the work of Drs. Nutta, Mokhtari and Strebel, which offers a model approach to address this growing need."

"As educators we are charged with meeting needs of our English learners," said Ross Sherman, Ed.D., interim dean of the University of Texas at Tyler College of Education and Psychology, where Dr. Mokhtari is on the faculty. "But it is not enough to accept this challenge. We need the tools to transform intention into reality. Dr. Mokhtari and his colleagues have designed a model for preparing every teacher to reach English learners. We at the University of Texas at Tyler are proud that AACTE has recognized the important contribution of Dr. Mokhtari and his colleagues to promoting educational opportunity for all students."

"At a time when teacher education is being challenged to design innovative programs that prepare our future teachers to effectively teach today's diverse student population, this book offers a framework to undertake the journey through interdisciplinary, collaborative efforts that benefit faculty and students alike," said Karen Ryan, Ph.D., dean of the Stetson University College of Arts and Sciences, where Dr. Strebel works. "The Stetson University community is proud that AACTE has recognized the significant contributions of Drs. Nutta, Mokhtari and Strebel to the field with this award."

Dr. Nutta is an associate professor in the UCF School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Dr. Mokhtari is Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Chair of Literacy Education in the UT Tyler College of Education and Psychology. Dr. Strebel is a visiting assistant professor and coordinator for English as a second language in the Stetson University Department of Teacher Education.

The review committee also awarded an Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Book category to Teachers as Learners (Harvard Education Press, 2012) by Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Ed.D. The collection of essays outlines the author's impact on the development of the field of research on teacher education and teacher learning as a field of scholarly inquiry in educational research community.

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