Legislative Trackers

These search engines support your legislative research to learn the status of bills and those that are signed into law. Please read the descriptions to find the one that will work best for you.

NCSL National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) – This tracker contains education legislation passed by state legislatures from 2008 to the present, and includes the ability to search by state, topic, status of legislation, primary sponsor, bill number, or keyword.

Education commision sqaure Education Commission of the States (ECS) – This legislative tracker has three options: search enacted and vetoed bills for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 legislative sessions; search via the ECS 2019 State Education Policy Watch List, which includes pending legislation; or view legislation from a specific year or topic by state.

Legiscan Legiscan – This legislative tracker allows users to search by state and go more in depth. One can search Senate or House, type of legislation, or the status of the bill. This is a far more comprehensive legislative search engine and might require additional time to search.


Your State Legislature

These links connect you to information about your state legislature that can support you engagement and advocacy with the legislature and your elected officials.

legislature2 Calendar

Legislature webpage
Find the webpage for your state legislature 
or any state legislature in the country.

Legislative Calendar
Know when your state legislature
is in session.

Your State Department of Education

Another key component in the implementation of the accountability structure in your state is your state’s Department of Education.

Find your State Department of Education

Your Key State Policymakers

Members of AACTE can download a document containing the key policymakers in their state.

Find your Key State Policymaker

State Policy & Legislation Resources

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State Chapters

Are you interested in learning more about the educator policy issues affecting your state? Visit our State Chapters page and learn how you can get involved in advocating and leading change in your community.

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