March 2018 Federal Update

Wednesday, March 21, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT

Join this members-only webinar to catch up on the latest activity in Washington, DC, related to educator preparation. Has the U.S. House of Representatives completed its consideration of the PROSPER Act (its reauthorization of the Higher Education Act)? Where is the U.S. Senate in terms of its HEA reauthorization process? Will an omnibus pass by the continuing resolution deadline of March 23, and what is the projection for education funding for FY18? What’s the appropriations process look like for FY19? These and other subjects will be covered in this hour-long webinar.

This webinar will include a presentation and time for Q & A. It also will be recorded and posted in the AACTE Resource Library for future reference. Visit the federal page of the AACTE Advocacy Center for quick access to past Federal Update webinars.

Presenter: Deborah Koolbeck, Director, Government Relations, AACTE


Location: Webinar

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