Holmes Program

Holmes Scholars logoSince 1991, the AACTE Holmes Scholars® Program has supported doctoral students from historically underrepresented backgrounds pursuing careers in education at AACTE member institutions. AACTE is expanding the Holmes Program to support students at earlier points in their education careers. The expanded programs will provide mentorship, peer support, and professional development opportunities at four levels:

  • The AACTE Holmes Cadets Program will support high school students interested in a career in teaching, school administration, or the professoriate. Learn more
  • The AACTE Holmes Honors Program will support undergraduates. Learn more
  • The AACTE Holmes Master's Program will support master's students. Learn more
  • The AACTE Holmes Scholars Program will continue to support doctoral students. Learn more
  • The AACTE Holmes Program helps participants explore a variety of future career options related to education. Learn more

Participation in the Holmes Program is open to all AACTE member institutions; AACTE charges no additional fee to enroll. Sponsoring institutions are responsible for supporting their Holmes students according to the participation requirements.

Learn more about the AACTE Holmes Scholars Program's history and governance.

Program Benefits

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